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Welcome to THE JOY SPACE

I have been living and loving laughter and movement as modalities for many years now and it is with a renewed energy and excitement that I am launching under my new business name, THE JOY SPACE.

I was previously trading under my name, Wellness with Jen-Annette and I am so grateful for the opportunities that this offered me.

The Joy Space is the evolution of my vision to bring joy to more people as Australia’s leading provider of Joy Therapy.

The mission of The Joy Space is to make Joy Therapy more broadly appealing and accessible to individuals, teams and groups by tailoring our offer, where laughter sits at the core of everything we do.

This past year has seen much personal and professional growth for me and it is time for me to now share that with my community and with my clients.

Join me as we laugh, play, move and breathe and rediscover a happier, healthier you.

As I reflect back on my recent journey the joys have been many.

It is one year since I co-founded the East Brighton Laughter Club with Kathy Papafotiou and this has definitely been one of the standout highlights. Facilitating weekly Laughter Yoga sessions with a fantastic group of laughter yogis whose willingness to drop their inhibitions and open their hearts has inspired my own growth.

I remember walking through my favourite local park filled with indigenous plants and discovering a group of galahs gathered on the grass. I loved the way they assembled together, sharing their voices and moving amongst themselves. The acronym G.A.L.A.H.S immediately came to me and I was inspired to begin my own laughter club where we could Gather And Laugh And Hearts Sing.

I thank each of these laughter yogis, some who have been regular weekly attendees, some who come along when they feel the call, for allowing me to laugh and play, experiment and explore, and hone my Laughter Yoga skills. I have enjoyed every giggle, chuckle, chortle, titter, tee-hee, howl, roar and ha-ha-ho-ho-ho.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas and inspirations with you as The Joy Space evolves and develops. In the meantime, please subscribe to my mailing list to receive articles, inspiration and event invites from me.

If you know someone who would enjoy being connected to their own Joy Space, I’d be very grateful if you’d help spread the word by emailing this blog to a friend, or sharing it on Facebook.

Thank you!

Joyously yours,


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