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Oops…you caught us in the middle of developing this page, but no need to run away.

Please contact us to discuss the services that we can provide for your school including:

  • Laughter Yoga mini sessions for students.
  • Laughter Yoga sessions for your School Open Days, Fetes and Events.
  • Laughter Yoga and Laughter Well-being workshops for teachers and staff.
  • Laughter playshops for parents.


  • Our Laughter Yoga mini sessions are an effective yet fun way for students to combat stress and pressure.
  • Children learn that there is a free positivity and resilience resource inside each of them that they can always access.
  • They discover that they can exercise their happiness muscles to make them stronger, before it’s too late and they begin to feel overwhelmed.
  • The sessions bring children together through celebration, affirming fun and a shared positive experience.
  • Differences are forgotten and inclusion is fostered through the spontaneous nature of the exercises.

The Laughter Yoga mini sessions are ideally delivered on a weekly basis to promote continuity.

We can also discuss with you how to bring more positivity resources and activities into your school through:

  • Gratitude walls
  • Celebration of festivals (eg. World Peace Day, International Day of Happiness)
  • Kindness cards