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Book Club With A Difference

Raise your own levels of awareness and create the life you could only dream possible otherwise through the tools of the Womanly Arts.

This work is changing lives!

We invite you to join us for this exciting collaboration between Jennifer Karlich of The Joy Space and Nicola Belcher of Infinity Therapies, Book Club With A Difference!

Term 1, 2020 is currently underway with a new group of brave women stepping up to join us in creating a new paradigm.

Term 2, 2020 runs for 9 weeks and commences Tuesday, April 14th, 7-9pm (with a 2 week break from 27 May – 15 June).

Join us in person at The Joy Space, Carnegie or from anywhere in the world via Zoom.

Who will love this Club?

  • Women who want to trust themselves.
  • Women who are making changes.
  • Women who feel like there must be more.
  • Women who want to feel the experience of sisterhood.
  • Women wanting to find their own power and source energy. Women who are looking to go higher, play bigger.
  • Women who want to put some fuel on their desires.
  • Women who don’t know why, but just feel called!

If you see yourself and your desires in the above then come, sit, reflect, move, share and explore new ideas all whilst having a laugh, enjoying tea and snacks and building relationships that you may have never known possible – whether that be a better understanding of yourself or connecting in new ways with like-minded courageous women.

Books bring us together as they give us a shared language and a common place for us to start to recognise our culture, our influences and our behaviours. They can make us laugh, cry, empathise, get angry and feel inspired. So it is from this place of openness, that we are asking you to join us in a new way of learning and connecting – at A Book Club With A Difference.

This is a Club that is ready to support, challenge and enable you to make the difference you want to make in the world.

Our entry point into book club is through our first book Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer.

This book and the work of Regena Thomashauer has had a huge impact on both Jen and Nicola’s lives and as a result, they are passionate about sharing the tools from this book with as many women as they can.

They know this book and its’ exercises changes lives and creates community in a way that no other book has done, so as a result Pussy. A Reclamation is the gateway book, that all book clubbers must go through in order to attend further book clubs and offerings.

They are both passionate about creating safe spaces that allow everyone to engage at their own pace and in an open, inclusive and supportive way. So whilst the title may challenge you, trust us, the work will all be worth it!

So if you are ready to live your life with a little more pleasure, a little more joy and a whole lot of fun, then come join us!

So what’s the “different’ part of this Book Club?

Instead of rushing through the whole book and meeting at the end, we will take our sweet time, savouring just a chapter or 2 a week; enabling us to deep dive into the depth of what is offered.

Not only will we talk through the topics and learnings of each chapter but we will also actually practise the exercises together, in community!

Not only do we read the words, but we embody, dance and encourage each other in a deep dive, like no other.

The Chapter Schedule
WEEK 1: Introductions, Chapter 1 – Call of the Goddess
WEEK 2: Chapter 2 – Reclaiming Pussy
WEEK 3: Chapter 3 – The Great Transformer
WEEK 4: Chapter 4 – Cliteracy
WEEK 5: Chapter 5 – The Way of the Courtesan
WEEK 6: Chapter 6 – Rupture
WEEK 7: Chapter 7 – Radiance
WEEK 8: Chapter 8 – Radiant Relationship
WEEK 9: Chapter 9 – The Pleasure Revolution

You will have ongoing access to the Sister Goddess community we co-create through our private Facebook Group.

What is the investment to join us?

Book Club With A Difference is $270 plus GST.

This includes all 9 x 2 hour sessions each Tuesday as well as access to the private Facebook group.

We have pre-purchased books to make this a pleasure filled experience, so if you would like to purchase the book through us, it is an additional $30 and we will organise for you to either pick it up if you are in the neighbourhood or we will deliver it to you.

You are also welcome to buy the book yourself online or download it as an audio book.

If you are a returning SG Member of the Book Club With A Difference then we would love to have you along for the journey again, and to honour the work you have already done, we would love to offer you a 15% discount – which means you receive a $33.30 discount making your total investment $188.70 plus GST.

Term 2 2020 Book Club With A Difference

$297.00 (inc GST)

Term 2 2020 Book Club With A Difference inc. copy of Regena’s Book, Pussy: A Reclamation

$327.00 (inc GST)

IF YOU REGISTER BEFORE APRIL 1ST we are delighted to offer you an early bird discount of 10% which you can access at the following links.

Term 2 2020 Book Club With A Difference Early Bird Discount

$267.30 (inc GST)

Term 2 2020 Book Club With A Difference inc. copy of Regena’s Book, Early Bird Discount

$294.30 (inc GST)


Please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer or Nicola directly via Facebook or email at or


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