Live To Love As Much As Possible

Live To Love As Much As Possible, The Platinum Rule

Relationship and communication workshops with Jennifer Karlich & Dave Berman.

Sydney: Saturday 15th February, The Centre Randwick, 9am – 4.30pm
Melbourne: Saturday 22nd February, The Joy Space, Carnegie, 9am – 4.30pm

Your investment to be a part of this alchemising magic is $195 AUD plus GST.
(The Joy Space will donate $25 per registration directly to the Animal Rescue Collective to support Animal Rescue Fire Support providing food, medicine and support to thousands of burned wildlife across 5 states)

If you could be joyFULLY engaged in radiant relationships, where you show up as your most lusciously liberated, artfully honest, passionately uninhibited, outrageously authentic and ripe self (however you desire that to be)…would you want to know how?

If you found out you just have to trust you have what you need, when you need, to handle whatever comes up…would you be curious to find out how that’s true for you?

If all this was natural and easy for an empathetic champion of living to love as much as possible, would you open your heart and mind to a day of playful exploring?

The Platinum Rule

This workshop is for couples or individuals ready to discover:

  • Unconditional access to unlimited love and laughter.
  • The keys to co-creating radiant relationships.
  • How to put someone else first without putting yourself second.
  • New powers of observation free from finding fault or blame.
  • What you can always expect from yourself and others.
  • Fearless play and effortless decision making.
  • Contentment and harmony in the experience of deep connection.


Lots of people are offering support to those impacted by the Australian bushfires. This loving kindness sometimes mismatches what is most needed. For example, one article described people camped on beaches who have lost their appetite while food donations overflow from limited warehouse facilities.

Donors only have good intentions, of course. In fact, if we assume generosity is well intended in all relationships, a new paradigm of loving emerges – Live To Love As Much As Possible.

What’s possible is contextual and determined first by the receiver, not the giver. Willing offers must be flexible and calibrated to the recipient’s wants and needs. The way to determine what will be best received is called The Platinum Rule.

Historically it is The Golden Rule presented as a benchmark – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This puts the focus on your wants without accounting for the other person’s wants or needs. The Platinum Rule says – Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

This small shift alone can greatly impact relationships of any kind – romantic, parenting, teaching, business, etc. Increasing awareness of this distinction brightens the radiance of the relationship.

A more Radiant Relationship also means…

  • There is no score keeping.
  • Giving and receiving encouragement to speak your authentic truth.
  • Being honest with yourself to be able to be honest with others.
  • Releasing the need for control over how the relationship “should” look or feel.
  • Peace, ease, relaxation, and pleasure are more likely to show up.
  • Willingly remaining open to new paradigms, understandings, and the need for intentional, conscious communication.

Throughout the workshop Jennifer and Dave will share their story of relationship and provide tangible experiences creating space to discover your own insights.

These realizations go beyond intellectual knowledge to become embodied understanding of the platinum rule guiding you to live to love as much as possible.

The only two times Jennifer and Dave will be facilitating this event in 2020 are in Sydney on 15 February and Melbourne on February 22. Space is limited to 14 people in Sydney and only 10 in Melbourne.

Everyone who attends will also receive a copy of their new ebook, An Intro to Live to Love as Much as Possible.

About the Facilitators:

Dave Berman is a coach who has been helping people around the world make discoveries about life, laughter, and love since 2010. He is best known for exploring the transformational impact of intentional laughter in videos produced every day for nearly 3.5 years.

Jennifer Karlich is founder of The Joy Space, a business that is all about collectively birthing a vibrant community and healing yourself at the same time. She is a gifted communicator devoted to educating children and adults in emotional wellbeing through playfulness and pleasure.

Offering a full day immersed in experiences of becoming joyFULLY engaged in radiant relationships, where you show up as your most lusciously liberated, artfully honest, passionately uninhibited, outrageously authentic and ripe self (however you desire that to be).

Sydney Event - Sat 15 Feb

$214.50 (inc GST)

Melbourne Event - Sat 22 Feb

$214.50 (inc GST)




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